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The insides of the gutters in your Gig Harbor home are hidden out of sight and, if you are like most homeowners, it is possible to forget gutter maintenance until a problem arises. While gutters are tasked with the seemingly small task of directing water off the roof, neglecting them can be very costly. Improper gutter care will have consequences on the health of the home’s residents and the integrity of the entire building? Why then do you need to schedule regular gutter cleaning? Gentle and thorough cleaning and blowing. We clean up around your home leaving it gorgeous. Detailed gutter and downspout cleanings. We’re licensed and insured and wear safety equipment. We are based in Gig Harbor and service Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Tacoma and surrounding towns in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Call or text 253-225-3630 or email to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Neglect could damage your home
When they are not cleaned regularly, gutters can become home to a wide variety of undesirable elements. Fallen leaves, dead birds and moss among other unflattering debris could collect in your gutters and evidence of their presence might only get known when the gutters or the downpipes are blocked.

When gutters are no longer able to perform the job you expect them to, water is no longer driven away from the building and this water starts collecting around your home’s foundation. Should the collected water freeze, (and this is very likely during water), it’ll expand and this could create cracks in your home’s foundation. Failing to clean your gutter could therefore cause irreparable damage to your home or call for very costly repairs. This is a problem you can avoid by scheduling regular cleaning with Gutter Cleaning Gig Harbor pros.

Keeps mold and mildew away
The health of the residents in your home could also get negatively affected by improper gutter care. During summer, the water that has collected around your home’s foundation will provide ideal conditions for the growth of mold, mildew, algae and other forms of harmful bacteria that could cause major health problems for you and your loved ones.

Keeps your compound looking great
The beauty and health of the trees in your compound, as well as other elements of your landscaping could also get negatively affected by improper gutter maintenance. When water is no longer directed to the designated place, it could run off and damage all your landscaping. Additionally, such overflows could overwater the trees and other plants and eventually kill them.

Finally, overflows from clogged gutters could ruin the physically appearance of your home. Dirt from the gutters overflows on the walls causing the most unpleasant streaks. Scheduling regular and professional Gutter Cleaning Gig Harbor will therefore help you avoid costly repairs, ensure the health of your home’s residents and keep your property looking great.

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