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We know keeping your home protected and safe from any possible issues at all times, and hiring a professional company like us to take care of your gutters, is a fantastic way to keep your home protected from water damage and roof leaks. With our Gig Harbor Gutter Cleaning services, we keep your gutters clean and clear all year round! This means your gutters can fully function at all times, thus preventing blockages, overflowing water, and water damage to your home’s exterior or roof. Get the best service with our company and keep your home protected from some serious issues arising!

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The first step to cleaning your gutters is to remove all the debris from your gutters with our specialty gutter scooping hand tools. Debris may seem harmless, but if it is left untreated, it can cause serious trouble for your home with water blockages and costly damage to your property. Our team will also safely and efficiently dispose of all the Debris for you once the gutters have been cleared!

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After the debris is cleared and out of the way, we then move onto dealing with the downspouts. The downspouts can be tricky for people without the proper equipment or knowledge, but we have the best team and tools for effectively and thoroughly clearing the downspouts. We remove the downspouts and ensure all blockages have been removed.

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For the perfect finish, we offer an addon low-pressure soft washing service to make the exterior of your gutters sparkle giving your gutters the full package of completely cleaned gutters inside and out. Our methods safely remove all pine needles, dirt clumps, moss, and any other debris or stains, giving the best results possible.

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We are proud to say that with us at Clean & Clear Home Services, you will receive a professional, affordable, and reliable gutter service one hundred percent of the time. We love the work we do, and we ensure customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to build a happy and loyal customer base, which we have achieved over our years of operating, and we have managed to do this by always being fair, trustworthy, and hardworking on the job. We are fully licensed and insured to complete all aspects of your gutter cleaning project, so you can rest assured that your home will never be at risk when we are doing the work, and you will receive the best Gig Harbor gutter cleaning there is!

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Gutter Cleaning Gig Harbor WA

Steve from Clean and Clear Windows Gutter Cleaning did an excellent job on our gutters and roof clean. Integrity is the most important in today’s world and he has it! I will be calling on him very soon to do my windows and know that it will get done right the first time and on time.Thanks Steve!

Chris Zeitner

Gutter Cleaning In Gig Harbor WA

I called for gutter cleaning (gutters were full of leaves and maple keys) and exterior window washing on our three-story house. The crew was on time, friendly, fearless, and fast. The price was fair, and quality of work good. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or to recommend them.

Jim McCausland

Gutter Cleaning Gig Harbor

They did a great job on our roof and gutters. It's nice to have a Gutter Cleaning company out there that responds to requests for service. We tried to contact a few different local companies but never heard anything back. We will be using Clean and Clear Windows again.

Mark Broadhead

Frequently Asked Gig Harbor
Gutter Cleaning Questions

Gutter cleaning is not only an essential part of gutter maintenance but house maintenance as well. If you leave your gutters unmaintained, they will clog and impede the flow of rainwater, causing you to be at risk of roof leaks and costly home repairs. Our Gig Harbor gutter cleaning services go a long way to stopping these issues.

We recommend having your gutters cleaned twice a year, and in most cases, this is the optimal amount needed to keep your gutters in good condition. If you live in an area with lots of trees around, causing your gutters to be more prone to being blocked with pine needles, leaves, or other debris, then you may need to have them done more often.

We offer an additional gutter cleaning as an addon service that is not included with standard gutter cleaning. where we effectively remove algae, dirt, mold, and bacteria from the surfaces of the gutters, and without causing any damage to them.

Our prices for our Gig Harbor gutter cleaning services are based on the size of the job involved. Each job is different, and we are not able to give a specific and set price for everyone. However, you can get a free and speedy quote from us right here on our site by clicking any of our fast quote buttons to get started!

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