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Moss is one of the biggest enemies of homeowners; it can appear everywhere, including your roof, driveway, walkways, decks and more, causing some permanent damage. Moss releases spores that can cause respiratory health problems. Moss on the roof is one of the most destructive types because it makes its way under the shingles causing roof leaks. When it comes to moss, you need to let the professionals handle it. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good. Our Gig Harbor moss treatment is also considered preventative treatment because it prevents the moss from growing back again.

Benefits Of Our Gig Harbor Moss Treatment Services

Many homeowners decide to pressure wash their roofs to get rid of the moss, but this option is not always effective and will cause serious damage to the roof. When moss is left untreated, it will cause severe damage to your home’s structures because it eats away at your home’s surfaces. Our Gig Harbor moss treatment is gentle but effective enough to get rid of all the moss. We only work with high quality and environmentally friendly products that aren’t toxic.

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Why Choose Our Gig Harbor Moss Treatment Services

When it comes to removing moss, you need the proper protective equipment, use the right cleansing agents, and have extensive knowledge to avoid causing any damage to your home. We will inspect your deck, roof, sidings, or any other structures suffering from a build-up of moss and deliver a quick treatment that will prevent moss from growing back quickly. Here at Clean & Clear Moss Removal in Gig Harbor, we have the right tools and cleaning solutions to rid your home of all moss that impede the aesthetic beauty and integrity of your home. Our Zinc Sulfate and Sodium Hypochlorite roof washing service will help eliminate moss once and for all. Our team of experts has thorough training on handling and removing moss, and we know how to treat different types of roofs, which is a significant part of homes that suffer from moss the most.

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Real Moss Treatment Reviews From Happy Customers


Moss Treatment In Gig Harbor WA

I have found my new go to company. The crew was efficient, friendly and a job well done. I had my windows cleaned and the moss treatment placed on my roof line. They didn't just toss the product on the roof, they took their time placing at each change in pitch. I found the added communication via email handy letting me know the arrival time. Here is a company that takes pride in their work, it shows from start to finish.

Laura Piccolo

Moss Treatment Gig Harbor

I have used Clean and Clear twice now for indoor/outdoor window cleaning and moss treatment. They are on time, courteous, and fast. Our windows are sparkling clean. I never realize how dirty my windows are until they're cleaned--what a difference! I highly recommend this company.

Ashley Harbison

Moss Treatment Gig Harbor WA

The moss on the back side of our roof was very thick. Kevin at Clean and Clear Windows did a great job cleaning all the valleys, getting a lot of the moss off without damaging the roof, treating it all with zinc and cleaning the gutters and the whole area. In the spring, once the moss that is left dies, we can have them back to clean the rest of the moss. This year has been really bad for moss and we actually had water damage inside the house because of it. We will continue to use Steve's Moss Treatment company because we were very happy with the excellent service and communication by everyone who works there as well. I have recommended him to family and friends and look forward to doing business with him in the future.
Davette Mowers

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Moss Treatment Questions

After performing an inspection of the areas of your home that are affected by moss, we will move forward with one of two techniques we use to kill the moss. We start the moss removal process by lightly brushing the moss off the surface, and then we will use either zinc sulfate, or a sodium hypochlorite roof wash to kill moss, algae lichens, mold, and remove discoloration.

Our Gig Harbor moss treatment is your best choice to say goodbye to moss once and for all. Your best bet to ensure that the moss won’t appear again is to be consistent. We recommend getting our moss treatment done at least once a year.

Our prices for moss treatment depend on how many areas of your home are affected by moss, the current condition of these surfaces, and it depends on which technique we choose to treat the moss. Moss treatment is an investment that you are doing to protect your property and your loved ones’ health, so don’t hesitate to contact us; we will have your free and personalized quote ready in no time!

You need to trust a professional company like ours to safely and efficiently carry out moss removal on your home. Each team member has the necessary licenses and training to remove moss and carry insurance. We ensure your home will be protected with our 2m policy, so you don’t have to worry about future liability issues. Our biggest priority is to deliver a professional job while keeping you and our workers safe.

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