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Is your roof stained or discolored by years of neglect? If it is, it is certainly an important part of your home that you can’t be proud of. Dirty roofs are an eyesore and give the impression that the rest of the home is in a sorry state. Roof cleaning will make your roof look new in addition to providing a host of other benefits.

Extend the roof’s life
Many roofs are replaced earlier than they should because of years of neglect. With proper care, many roofs will last for over twenty years. Improper care usually means that you might have to replace your roof in less than fifteen years. Of course roof replacement is expensive and you can avoid incurring such an expense by getting your roof cleaned by professionals.

Dirty roofs provide ideal condition for the growth of harmful algae, moss and mold. All these work to damage the shingles and leads to leaks which damage delicate wood. In a short time, your roof will be so porous that you’ll need to get it repaired or replaced. You can avoid such troubles by getting the services of Roof Cleaning Gig Harbor experts. Gentle and thorough cleaning and blowing. We clean up around your home leaving it gorgeous. Detailed gutter and downspout cleanings. We’re licensed and insured and wear safety equipment.  We are based in Gig Harbor and service Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Tacoma and surrounding towns in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Call or text 253-225-3630 or email to discuss your project and get a free estimate Keeps the property and the residents safe
A leaking roof poses very serious dangers to your property and also the residents. Such a roof will lead to the discoloring of the ceiling and could also easily start fires as it could attract water to the electrical wiring in the ceiling.

The health of the residents is also substantially compromised by a leaking roof. Leaking roofs lead to the growth of mildew and mold and this could lead to various health complications for the home’s residents including asthma and varying allergic reactions.

The rest of the property is also negatively affected by a dirty and leaking roof. The paint and plaster on the walls of your home will get damaged when water overflows from the leaking roof. The moment you notice discoloration in the ceiling or stripes on the walls, you know you need to organize an urgent roof repair.

Greater curb appeal
The roof is the most visible part of a home and one sure way to increase your home’s curb appeal is by getting the roof cleaned. What people see on the roof usually makes them decide how the rest of the home is. Roof cleaning is especially important for people considering selling their homes.

Roof cleaning costs very little yet has such massive benefits. To enjoy these benefits entrust this important task to Roof Cleaning Gig Harbor pros.

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