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We know your roof isn’t easily accessed, however you still shouldn’t neglect it when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Here in the pacific northwest, there is tons of rain, making it one of the healthiest climates for moss, algae, mold, and lichens to grow. If you don’t clean your roof regularly, these microorganisms like algae and moss will build up, causing stains, permanent damage to your roof, and even health problems. The lack of roof maintenance will also lead to pine needles and leaves clogging the gutters, piling up on your home’s roof, and causing leaks from breeding moss clumps that hold moisture. Roof leaks allow water to enter the interior structures of your home causing permanent damage that will be costly to repair! Don’t neglect your roof any longer, and contact us now for the best roof cleaning in Gig Harbor.

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Asphalt shingle roofing can frequently suffer from streaks and black discoloration due to moss and algae. When you don’t maintain your roof with soft washing, the build-up will lead to shingle deterioration, reducing the lifespan of your roof. Attempting to clean a shingle roof yourself is dangerous and potentially costly because it takes specific methods and proper solutions to rid your roofing of algae and moss. Also, using the incorrect amount of water pressure could cause all sorts of problems. Trust the professionals to clean your roof the right way, and avoid all potential disasters!

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Roof Cleaning

Tile roofs require a particular cleaning method to eliminate the presence of algae, lichen, and moss build-up, all while taking extra care not to crack any of the tiles. We use a low-pressure washing method that will remove all these pesky organisms from your roof, and we do so quickly and efficiently! Don’t risk cracking your roof’s tiles or suffering an injury from the high risk of falling off your roof! Our Gig Harbor roof cleaning team knows how to safely clean your roof and will put your mind at ease. With our safety harnesses and equipment, we always ensure the safety of our crew while completing the job.

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Our Gig Harbor Roof Cleaning Methods

We begin your roof cleaning process by blowing debris off the roof, cleaning out the gutters by hand and checking the downspouts, as well as a thorough ground clean up from the debris blown to the ground. If your roofing has a moss buildup, we start with lightly brushing moss off the roof and recommend zinc sulfate for complete removal. Depending on your roof’s needs and the presence of algae lichens, mold, or discoloration as well, we recommend using our sodium hypochlorite roof washing method to kill these organisms and avoid all potential damage to your roof through shingle deterioration, wood root, and breaking tiles. Installing a new roof is quite expensive, so ensuring your roof lasts as many years as possible is important, and you can only achieve this with proper roof cleaning and maintenance. Our professional and reliable Gig Harbor roof cleaning service guarantees the lifespan of your roof will increase!

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Roof Cleaning Gig Harbor WA

As I am now in my 60's, and no longer want to risk getting up on the roof to put on moss control. Steve's crew came out and had the Roof Cleaning job done in 15 minutes or so and for a reasonable price and clean. My roof is 32 years old and still looks great. Thanks Steve. See you next year!

Mark Sigafoos

Roof Cleaning In Gig Harbor WA

They cleaned our tile roof the right way and did not use the pressure washer unlike other roof cleaners we've had in the past. The guys who serviced our roof were professional and courteous. Will surely use Clean and Clear Windows Roof Cleaning again! Thank you Steve

Sheryll Tan

Roof Cleaning Gig Harbor

Great Roof Cleaning work; professional, thorough, funny and diligent. They were here on time, cleaned up more then they had promised and polite. Our roof looks better than when we moved in and they did a great job on the windows as well.

Robert Reemts

Frequently Asked Gig Harbor
Roof Cleaning Questions

Using the wrong pressure can be damaging to certain roofing materials, however we use a soft washing cleaning method that is more gentle but equally effective to remove any trace of moss, algae, and lichen. When you hire professionals like us, you never have to worry about your home being damaged from improper pressure washing usage. 

We use a light brushing and soft washing method that will leave your roof looking brand new. We use specific cleaning products for your roofing material that are effective but safe for both your family and the environment. We have a special treatments that are designed to kill harmful growths like lichen, moss, and algae as well.

We recommend having your roof cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. You can always schedule more cleaning services depending on the moss and algae growth affecting your roof due to the weather here in the Pacific Northwest. We will be happy to create a cleaning schedule for you based on all your roof washing needs!

Our roof cleaning prices depend on the current condition of your roof, the presence of harmful growths, and the size of your roof. Contact us now through any of our fast quote buttons here on our site for a free and personalized quote tailored to your exact exterior cleaning needs.

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