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Top-Rated Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA

Get the best window cleaning service in the area with our company, we are experienced and reputable, and each of our team members is known for their hardworking attitude and top quality work. At Clean and Clear Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA, we are only interested in providing the ultimate service to all of our customers on every job, and we work to always exceed your expectations every time. With our work, you can expect a hassle-free window cleaning service that will leave your windows shining like never before. Transform your view with our high-grade professional window cleaning!

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How Our Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA Benefits You

We all spend a lot of time looking out our windows, whether it’s to enjoy the quiet morning scenery, looking out for the delivery man, taking in the landscape around us, or even to watch the sunset in the evenings; with so much time spent looking out, having crystal clear smear-free glass helps to enjoy your views to the fullest. Our professional window cleaning service can remove every mark, smudge, and smear leaving you with windows that sparkle from the inside and out. We will brighten up your home in an instant and ensure that you get the most of your time spent looking out your windows with the cleanest windows in the neighborhood. At Clean and Clear Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA, we guarantee you’ll receive friendly and professional service from us every time so you can enjoy a stress-free experience.

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Most window cleaning services will only ever clean the outside of your windows, which sounds reasonable until you realize how much it highlights any marks on the inside and you end up having to live with half-cleaned windows or do the job yourself. With our interior and exterior window cleaning service, we give you the option to clean both sides of the glass ensuring that your home’s windows sparkle in the sunshine both inside and out. For our cleaning process, we use a squeegee because this method really is the best at being able to efficiently remove all marks and leave a job well done. For windows that are higher up we use a water-fed pole, this means we can clean your whole house without compromising on the quality of the job.

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How often do you dust and wash your screens? There’s a good chance the answer to that is not enough. There are a couple of reasons why you might not keep up with the cleaning of your window screens, perhaps the job is too laborious so you continually put it off, or perhaps it’s just not a task that you often think about doing. However, keeping your screens clean is important, not just to keep them looking nice, it also helps with the cleanliness of your home. If left for too long, the dust, pollen, and other debris on the screens can spread around your house, this creates a further mess and there’s also a risk of you breathing in this extra dust which is a problem for anyone in the home. Let us clean up your window screens, keep the dust at bay, and ensure your home’s air quality is great with our screen cleaning service.

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Just like with the window screen cleaning, cleaning the tracks of your windows is tricky, boring, and seemingly pointless. However, we are here to tell you like before, that keeping your tracks clean is important to the cleanliness of your home, and the functionality of your windows. The debris build up in the tracks can easily get blown throughout your home and make a mess, and if the tracks get too clogged, it can make opening and closing the window more difficult. Our window track cleaning service is the perfect solution to these issues.

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Your Home Is Protected With Our Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA

It’s completely understandable if you have ever hired a company to do work at your home without checking to see if they have insurance, it’s easy to assume that all companies will but unfortunately that is not the case. It’s truly vital that you hire a professional and reliable company like ourselves who carry insurance because if an accident were to occur on your property, you could be held liable. With our professional Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA, this is never something you have to worry about as we are fully insured. We carry a one million dollar policy to cover all circumstances meaning no matter what, you’ll never be at risk. We put safety first for both ourselves and our customers, and we think it’s just as important to make sure you are protected as well as us. For additional safety, we use a water-fed pole for windows higher up, and every one of our professional and experienced team members is fully trained to the highest standards.

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Why Choose Our Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA

When it comes down to anyone or any company doing work on your property, the important thing is that it is someone you can trust, who takes pride in their work, is reliable, and will leave your home looking better than before. At Clean and Clear Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA, we check off all of those boxes and more. We are proud to say that we have a great reputation, we have a hard-working and reliable work team, and that our loyal customers are consistently happy with our work. We are the company that you can trust, and we are the company that will leave you with the results you want. We’re certain that once you have had us clean your windows, you won’t ever need anyone else. Don’t waste time on an inexperienced or unreliable company when you can get the best quality and experience possible with us.

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Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA

Our 2nd time using Clean & Clear Window Cleaning. Steve did our windows the fist time and Bryan came this time. Did a wonderful job inside and out. Very professional, personable and reasonable. The job was done on our two story home in no time lightening the burden of our getting up on ladders to reach those windows we cannot reach any longer. I would highly recommend them to any one in need of window cleaning. Anxious to try their other services and will definitely have our Christmas lights done this year! Thank you, Steve, Bryan and the entire crew for a job well done!

Pat Reda

Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA

Highly recommend Clean and Clear for all your window and roof needs. Extremely professional crew. Great communication, broke the bid down by areas of work. Showed up right on time and worked non stop. We will be calling them again next year for our annual clean. The price was right on too.

Joni Dupille

Window Cleaning In Fircrest WA

I can not recommend Steve Greco and Clean and Clear Windows highly enough. Steve and his company are the real deal and genuinely care about his clients. Have you had the experience when you call a business and they don't call back? When I've called Steve, he has returned my calls within a few minutes. I had Steve do my windows last spring and he did a perfect job at a very reasonable price and since he did such a good job with my windows, we had him do our Christmas lights this past holiday season as well. We had more compliments. I hope you'll give him a try, you won't be disappointed. And yes, I'm a real customer.

Larry Wright

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