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While every property owner appreciates the importance of having sparklingly clean windows, it is not all that appreciate the importance of giving this work to professionals. That is why you’ll find some people setting off some hours over the weekend to clean windows. Such people will usually have water mixed with some cleaning solution in a bucket and will then proceed to sponge away at the windows. What kind of results can you expect to get with DIY window cleaning and why are you better off letting pros do the work? Sparkling clean windows without streaks, smears or worries. Don’t risk it! Call the pros at Clean & Clear Windows. Amazing customer service & satisfaction guarantee. We are based in Gig Harbor and service Tacoma, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor and surrounding towns in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Call or text 253-225-3630 or email to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Pros do it quickly and get it right the very first time
If you have never done it before, window cleaning might look like very easy work yet the truth is that it can prove very difficult especially if you have a large home. Should you decide to perform the task with the help of your children or a cooperative neighbor, you are also not assured of excellent results. It is then possible to use an entire Sunday to clean your windows and have your children grumbling.

Pro cleaners do this on a daily basis and they have all the equipment necessary to ensure that the job is done at lightning speed and also guarantee excellent results. They know how to remove stains completely and how to make sure that the windows are left completely streak-free. To show confidence in their work, true pros even offer a money-back streak-free guarantee. Jobs done by untrained people might require you to get them redone at an additional cost. Save your time and money by engaging Window Cleaning Tacoma pros.

Avoid risks of damaging windows or getting injured
Do you have the right equipment to help you clean the windows adequately? Many property owners do not even have ladders and will need to hire them. Such people might also need to buy cleaning solutions but might not know how to properly dilute them. Use of ladders poses some risks as a slip could get you badly injured. Moreover, unless you have proper training in the use of chemicals, you risk poisoning yourself or other people.

Windows could also get broken if you decided to use pressure washers on them without adequate training. Engaging pros makes you avoid unnecessary risks and also ensure the safety of your windows and the rest of the property.
Window cleaning is a critical job and, for best results, you should only entrust it to Window Cleaning Tacoma pros.

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