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As a Tacoma homeowner, you know how important it is to have the roof over your head properly maintained. A roof covered in moss and algae detracts on the home’s curb appeal and actually poses health problems to the residents of your home. In addition to shortening the life of your roof, moss on the roof could lead to the voiding of the warranty on your roof. While roof manufacturers give extensive warranties on their products, they also require evidence of regular maintenance and when you can’t prove that you care for your roof you’ll lose the warranty on it.

To get rid of the moss on your roof, you have the option of either doing it yourself or contracting Moss Removal Tacoma professionals. Why does it make greater sense to entrust this work to the pros? We use gentle and safe EPA approved Zinc Sulfate We clean up around your home leaving it gorgeous. And trained technicians for thorough cleaning We are based in Gig Harbor and service Tacoma, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor and surrounding towns in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Call or text 253-225-3630 or email to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Your own safety and that of the roof
Professional moss removal costs very little and by letting the pros do it you’ll avoid the risks that are inherent in DIY moss removal. First, it is important to ensure the safety of the person doing the moss removal and this safety can never be guaranteed when the work is done by untrained people. When you climb on the roof without the right gear and adequate safety training, there’s always the risk of a fall and this could be catastrophic.

While you embark on moss removal to take care of your roof, entrusting this work to untrained people could actually end up damaging the roof. Some homeowners who choose to perform moss removal the DIY way use bleaches and chemicals. While such products succeed in removing moss, they could also end up causing great damage when not used appropriately. If, for instance, you chose to use bleach you’ll need to know how to dilute it to guarantee that it does not harm you. Bleaches can also be corrosive and you run risks of personal injury if you do not have the right gear.

In addition to personal safety risks, incorrect use of bleaches and other chemicals could discolor the roof. Moreover, unless you know the cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, you might use compounds that kill the vegetation in the home or even pollute water sources.

Consider too that moss removal is time-consuming and laborious to appreciate why it might prove too much for the average homeowner. To make sure that your job is done to perfection and to avoid the many risks you’ll be assuming when you do the job yourself, you should use the services of Moss Removal Tacoma pros.

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