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Your home’s exterior is frequently exposed to environmental aggressions like a buildup of moisture that could lead to the growth of moss and algae, which damage your structures. Our Gig Harbor house washing service eradicates those problems and works as a maintenance measure to prevent severe damages to your home. With our soft washing service, your home’s curb appeal and value will instantly increase!

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Hardie Board

Hardie board is particularly susceptible to moss and algae growth due to moist weather conditions. You need to be careful when cleaning it and avoid using high pressure. Our service helps you get rid of all algae, moss, and lichen and maintain your siding in optimal conditions for the longest time. We carefully inspect the structure to let you know if there are any problems that you may need to address before cleaning it. Our biggest priority is to help you have a clean house.

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Stucco House

Stucco is a beautiful material, but it can quickly accumulate mold and algae, which build up in the material’s small crevices. If you notice stains on your home’s stucco siding, give us a call now, and we will take care of everything for you. We use a low-pressure washing method to remove algae and moss from the tiniest places without damaging any surface. We use a low pressure washing method to remove algae, mold and dirt from the tiniest places without damaging the surface.; that’s why you should always let the professionals do it.

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Vinyl Siding

Your vinyl siding is constantly exposed to natural elements, and when you don’t clean it regularly, it can develop stains and moss growth. Our house washing service is all that you need to leave your house looking sparkly clean. Our process is speedy, efficient, and won’t cause any damage to the surface. We remove all the harmful growths such as dirt, algae, mold, and mildew. Our vinyl siding washing will improve your house’s value and make it look more beautiful, something that is beneficial if you are looking to sell your home.

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Benefits Of Our Gig Harbor House Washing Services

Our Gig Harbor house washing service saves you money in the long run because it prevents permanent damage to your home that algae, lichen, and moss will create if left untreated. We will rid your home of all these pesky invaders that may even cause health problems. You don’t have to worry about buying the equipment and spending the time to make sure you use the correct cleaning agents and pressure washing techniques. We will take care of every aspect of the job quickly and efficiently, so all you have to do is sit back and relax as your home is completely transformed. We work with non-toxic products that are safe for the environment and use a low-pressure soft washing method that is effective but not too aggressive on your home’s surfaces.

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House Washing Gig Harbor

Steve, Brian and the rest of the crew did an amazing job cleaning the tile roof, gutters & deck glass. We are on the schedule for Christmas lights! Love having a reputable House Washing company we can rely on for home services. Give them a call!

Suzanne Dahl

House Washing In Gig Harbor WA

Steve from Clean and Clear Windows House Washing was prompt and professional. His team worked for hours on our house and finished when they said they would. Everything looks fantastic now! We'll definitely be returning customers!

Casey Owings

House Washing Gig Harbor WA

Great House Washing service as always. Our windows, gutters, roof, and driveway are all sparkling. We appreciated the efforts to maintain social distancing - called us from the driveway when they arrived and e-mailed us the invoice when they were done. All employees have always been professional and courteous. Great job, very responsive company, and a pleasure to work with.

Nancy Waldman Taft

Frequently Asked gig Harbor
House Washing Questions

Pressure washing is an eco-friendly and effective cleaning technique that works great professionals handle it. When inexperienced people try to pressure wash their homes, they may do more harm than good and damage their structures.

We use a soft washing method, which is a similar cleaning method to pressure washing, with the difference that it uses a low pressure that won’t damage any of your house surfaces. We combine it with powerful but gentle cleaning agents that are safe for your health and the environment.

We recommend you schedule a deep house washing at least once every 2 to 3 years. However, depending on your house’s condition and the weather, we can schedule more house washing services. Contact us, and we will develop a personalized cleaning schedule for your home.

Our Gig Harbor house washing service prices will vary depending on your home’s size and the siding’s current condition. Contact us to get your free and personalized quote now. Our services will preserve your home and prevent any damage.

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