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In appreciation of the vast number of benefits that roof cleaning brings, many property owners schedule roof cleaning at least once per year. While this is certainly commendable, the only issue that such property owners have to deal with is deciding whether they should clean the roofs themselves or get pro help.

When this crucial task is not done to perfection, it is likely to produce very unpleasant results. First, roof cleaning conducted by amateurs is likely to damage the roof. Some roofs can only be adequately cleaned by the use of power washers. Some homeowners therefore decide to hire power washers and then carry on with the task. These machines are very effective in removing stubborn dirt and grime but they can also cause extensive damage if not used properly. Applying the wrong amount of pressure has the ability of breaking tiles and shingles and these will have to be replaced at an additional expense. It is for this reason that prudent property owners engage the services of Roof Cleaning Port Orchard pros. Gentle and thorough cleaning and blowing. We clean up around your home leaving it gorgeous. Detailed gutter and downspout cleanings. We’re licensed and insured and wear safety equipment. We are based in Gig Harbor and service Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Tacoma and surrounding towns in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Call or text 253-225-3630 or email to discuss your project and get a free estimate. Personal safety considerations
There are plenty of hardcore DIY people who believe that they can handle any kind of task. While it is certainly possible to clean your own roof, it is important to consider the risks you assume when you perform this task without adequate training and the right equipment.

Roof cleaning involves the use of ladders and whenever you use a ladder the risk of slipping and falling is high. Working on slippery roofs also increases the risk of a fall. Should you be using a bucket on the roof, you could injure other people should the bucket fall accidentally.

Some roofs are so dirty that to clean them effectively you might need to use cleaning solutions. Some cleaning solutions are so powerful that they could discolor the roof. Improper handling of these solutions could also poison the person cleaning or other people. Moreover, improper disposal of the run off could pollute the environment. Pollution comes with very undesirable consequences as it could incur penalties from the environment protection agency. Fines imposed by this agency are so high that they could easily bankrupt a property owner.

In summary, DIY roof cleaning is such a risky exercise that a person lacking the right training and tools should not consider getting involved in. Next time you want your roof cleaned, it’d help to get assistance from Roof Cleaning Port Orchard Pros.

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