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Do you believe that you have the ability to clean your windows and do it to perfection? Properly cleaned windows are great to behold and also improve the comfort level in a home or office. On the other hand, failure to clean windows properly can be very frustrating. Entrusting this work to amateurs could lead to unsatisfactory results as such people are likely to make plenty of mistakes. Sparkling clean windows without streaks, smears or worries. Hand cleaned windows with attention to detail. Don’t risk it! Call the pros at Clean & Clear Windows. Amazing customer service & satisfaction guarantee.  We are based in Gig Harbor and service Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Tacoma and surrounding towns in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Call or text 253-225-3630 or email to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

Counting on the sun to dry windows Have you noticed that most people who engage in DIY window cleaning do so when the sun is shining brightly? Such people usually do so in the hope that the sun will assist them in drying the windows. While this certainly happens, the result is that such windows are never cleaned adequately. The cleaning solution that is applied to the windows usually dries before the untrained person can wipe it off and you are then left with windows that have terrible-looking smears.

Other untrained people will decide to clean windows just before the rain falls probably assuming that rainwater will rinse the windows. Unfortunately, if the area you are located in has been experiencing a dry spell and suddenly experiences a heavy downpour, the windows will be covered in dust and might have to be cleaned again. To avoid such mistakes, you should consult Window Cleaning Port Orchard pros for advice on the right time to clean windows. Not knowing how to deal with stains Are there stains on your windows? How do you plan to deal with them? What untrained people fail to realize is that the amount of dirt on different parts of a window varies. Where stains are clearly visible, amateurs might get tempted to apply huge amounts of a cleaning solution on the stains. This is not only a waste of the cleaning solution but will not produce satisfactory results. Pros on the other hand know that stains are properly removed through spot-cleaning. This is the method through which the right cleaning solution is applied on the stain and is then lifted off using a paper towel. Leaving streaks on windows Should you look at a window that has been cleaned by an amateur, chances are that you’ll find it with unsightly streaks. This happens because the untrained person looks at the window straight and gets the impression that the window is clean. Should you however look at the window from a different angle, you’ll notice that it has plenty of streaks. To avoid these and many other mistakes, always engage Window Cleaning Port Orchard pros.

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